2010 – Sergey Podlazov and Vadim Antonchik, two immigrants from the former Soviet Union, drink too much vodka and decide to start a band. After toying with several names, they pick Red Sea, which stands for Red Seattle.  Soon after, they recruit Sasha Livshin (bass) from Belorussia and Pasha Nosyrev (drums) from Lithuania.

2011 – A singer and lead guitarist Everett Bone (presently in Cascadian Airship) joins the band and leads it to a win at the Seattle Battle of the Bands competition.

2012 – The band plays 20+ shows in the Washington, Oregon, and California.  In September, Red Sea releases its first LP, Waking To A New Light.

2013 – Red Sea continues to tour West Coast and opens up for Kansas at the Summer Ale Fest in Wenatchee, WA.  Later in the year, Everett leaves Red Sea citing artistic differences.

2014 – After a short stint as as trio, Red Sea recruits Elena Kazakova from Lithuania to be a new vocalist.  Soon after, Sasha quits, and Jim Vail takes his place on the bass. With Elena and Jim in the lineup, the band’s sound gains bluesy influences, and Red Sea begins writing songs in both English and Russian.

2015 – The band releases three new singles: These People Need a Hero (in English), My Boss Is a Pain (in Russian), and Rum & Coke (in Russian).

2016 – Elena decides to pursue other interests, and Natasha Pinkina takes her place on the vocals.  The band continues to play in local Seattle clubs and works on the new material.

2019 – The band decides to modernize its sound and recruits Art Moor to do electronic magic at the keyboard.

2020 – The band release a new single Save Our Souls (this recording was made without Art).

2022 – Following a COVID hiatus, the band returns to the music scene with a new program that fuses hard rock and heavy guitar riffs with electronic sounds.


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